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Solar System Trading Cards Click on the blue link at this page, and collect solar system pictures on "cards" by correctly answering questions about the planets. Click on Amazing Space for lots of links to other astronomy websites. Click on All About Solar System for more facts.

Windows to the Universe: Our Solar System Choose a planet to learn about it and missions to visit it.

The Nine (Eight) Planets A comprehensive page with links for each planet (and Pluto). Be careful not to click on any of the ads along the righthand side of this planet page.

Exploring the Planets with the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum

Welcome to the Planets A nice menu of photos 

Explore Saturn with Cassini-Huygens, the spacecraft that went to Saturn. Part of NASA's website.

Mars Exploration at the NASA website. Click on Learn More! for links to information; play games; other activities.

Planet Photos from the Center for Earth and Planetary Studies (Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum) Scroll down the page to the skinny picture of a planet and either use the "Select a Planet" menu or click on the blue name of a planet to go to its page. Then click on the Images link next to the picture of the planet to find photos.

Views of the Solar System (has pop-up windows and ads; ignore them!) Facts about each planet, and photos. Click on Introduction to see the whole list, and pick a planet.

Starchild: For Young Astronomers Click on Level 1 Solar System or on Level 2 Solar System for info.