Slavery and Abolition

Slavery, Abolition and the Underground Railroad

Aboard a Slave Ship, 1829 EyeWitness to History: firsthand account

Born In Slavery The Library of Congress collection of 2,300 first-hand accounts of the experiences of former slaves, collected in the 1930's. Browse by state, keyword, or narrator's name. The following two sites have selections from this collection; may be easier to use.

Been Here So Long Selections from the WPA American Slave Narratives

American Slave Narratives More accounts of the experiences of former slaves

North American Slave Narratives A collection at the University of North Carolina

Frederick Law Olmsted: A Journey in the Seaboard States  Olmstead traveled in 1856-58 through the south as a journalist examining plantation life. Many modern historians consider his work one of the best contemporary descriptions of plantation slavery.

National Underground Railroad Freedom Center Official site for the museum and educational center in Cincinnati

Africans in America This PBS site presents information about the slave struggle from the 1450's to the 1800's.

From Slavery to Freedom The African-American pamphlet collection of Library of Congress. materials by African-American authors and others who wrote about slavery, African colonization, Emancipation, Reconstruction, and related topics.

Aboard the Underground Railroad The National Park System's "travel itinerary" of 64 historic places on the Underground Railroad, with descriptions, maps and photographs, as well as info on the Slavery Trade and Early Antislavery.

National Geographic: The Underground Railroad Interactive site  lets you go on a journey as an escaped slave.

Slavery and Abolition The Smithsonian Institution's Civil War site includes this section, with documents

A Chronology of AntiSlavery found at the  University of Houston

Day by Day Abolition timeline also at the University of Houston

Exploring Amistad Mystic Seaport Museum's website on the slave revolt on board this famous slave ship. Has slavery timelines and information on the journey, slave market, and so on. Click on Discovery or Timelines.

Letters from Slaves Links to original letters of slave life between house slaves and their mistresses, giving details of daily life.