Pratim Datta

Pratim Datta

Exhibiting: June, 2019

Artist Information:

Pratim “Pratt” Datta is a photographer by avocation and a cybersecurity research scientist and inventor by vocation. He enjoys traveling around the world with his wife, Erica (Papillon) and capturing moments that highlight the beauty of nature and human endeavor. His photographs have been published by the Smithsonian and United Airlines’ Mileage Plus Credit Card Promotions. His photos have been displayed in the NY Public Library and his works exhibited at the Hudson Library & Historical Society and the Highland Public Library.

By vocation, Pratt is a research scientist and a tenured professor of Information Systems in the Graduate School of Management at Kent State University.  With more than 70 research articles and conference proceedings, Pratt is a top-100 ranked technology researcher and the winner of the University Presidential Faculty Excellence Award in 2017 and the Paul Pfeiffer teaching excellence award in 2014.  He researches cybersecurity and technology re-engineering.  Pratt has multiple engineering inventions.  In his spare time, he cherishes his puppy "Milton", reads history, collects art and WWII firearms, writes music, and remains a bon vivant.  Pratt and his wife Erica have also written a children's book, "The Sharkie Book (Sella 1)".

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