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What is Acorn TV?

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Acorn TV offers some of the most popular British TV shows – both classic and current. Stream 80+ exclusive shows, including A Place to Call Home, The Brokenwood Mysteries, Agatha Christie’s Partners in Crime, Detectorists, and Jack Irish. You can watch Acorn TV on your computer through your internet browser, or on your smartphone or tablet with the RB Digital and Acorn TV apps.

Checkout Period: Acorn TV offers an unlimited streaming video experience. Each checkout provides a 7-day access pass to watch. After 7 days, you can checkout another 7-day access pass.

Sign up for Acorn TV in Two Steps

Internet Browser Instructions

1. Register for an RB Digital account

Go to

Click REGISTER in the upper right to create an RB Digital account.

Create a username and password, and enter your library card, email address, and other information.

New users will land on a HELP screen. To navigate back to Acorn TV, click the menu icon in the upper left corner of your screen. Click ENTERTAINMENT and then ACORN TV.

2. Get a 7-day pass to Acorn TV

Choose any show on the page and then click CHECKOUT to get full access to all of Acorn TV’s selections.

Enter your email address and create a password to get a 7-day pass to Acorn TV. Once your information has been accepted, click ACCESS ACORN TV, choose your show, and start watching.

NOTE: Your access to Acorn TV is good for 7 days and then will need to be renewed. There’s no limit to the number of times you can log in, and you never need to pay anything or sign up for a subscription.

After you’ve had access for 7 days, you’ll get a notice when you try to sign in that your trial has expired. You will need to sign back in through the library’s Acorn webpage:, or through the RB Digital app if you installed it on your tablet or smartphone.

To get free access, always go through the Acorn TV link on the library’s website:

Returning Users

Go to

Sign in -- click "Remember Me" to store your username and password

Select any show and click ACCESS



Click below to download printable instructions

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