E-Book Instructions for the Nook

Once you have downloaded and installed Adobe Digital Editions (ADE) on your computer, created an Adobe ID and authorized your copy of ADE to this ID, Nook users have one more action to perform:
Barnes and Noble pre-installs an Adobe Digital Editions folder on its Nooks. Unfortunately this folder blocks your Nook from being properly authorized to use with our library books. You will get an error message reading “User Not Activated”. To fix this problem,


  1. Plug your Nook into your computer.
  2. Open My Computer (or the Mac equivalent).
  3. View the contents of the Nook using My Computer (or the equivalent)
  4. Delete the folder called .adobe digital editions. (There may also be a folder called simply Digital Editions. If the error still occurs after performing these steps, try deleting this folder as well.)
  5. Eject the Nook, then open ADE. Plug the Nook back in and wait for the Device Setup Assistant screen; click Authorize Device when prompted. The Nook should now appear as a shelf in ADE’s Library View.
  6. Download your book from the Ohio Ebook Project page to ADE. When the book downloads, ADE automatically shifts to Reading View. Click the Library button ( ) to return to Library View.
  7. Drag your book to the Nook bookshelf and drop it. ADE will copy the book to your Nook. Eject the Nook from the computer and locate the book in the My Documents Library. Open and read!