Our Pioneers

William Walker and his wife, Rachel Stewart, arrived in the Western Reserve in 1802 from Virginia. They were married on October 30, 1799. By 1802, the Walker family included a three-year-old and a baby. Together they waded across the Ohio River. They arrived in Stow in the late summer or early fall. William was a bear trapper. He was known as the first white settler in Stow Township. More...William Walker

Joshua Stow was born April 22, 1762, in Middlefield, Connecticut. His family originated in England in the 1600's, and included the first minister in Middletown, a Congregationalist. He married Ruth Coe in 1786. They had at least three children. Joshua purchased Stow Township, gave it his name and oversaw its settlement. More...Joshua Stow

A cousin of Joshua Stow, Wetmore agreed to be Joshua's land agent, selling properties to the new settlers coming to the Western Reserve. In order to do this, he moved to Ohio with his family in June, 1804, and built the second log cabin in what would become Stow Township. They lived on lots 25, 35 and 36, which surrounded the present intersection of Darrow and Kent Roads. More...William Wetmore