Stow Township Firsts

  • SETTLERS: William Walker and family mistakenly built their cabin within the northern border of Stow Twp. in 1802. Judge William Wetmore and his family and several others settled legally in 1804.
  • HOUSE: William Wetmore's log cabin, at the center of the Township, near the present intersection of Graham and Darrow Roads.
  • BIRTHS among the white settlers: Betsey Walker, 1803. Mary Campbell, 1804. Samuel Walker, Clarissa Rice, both 1805.
  • DEATHS among the settlers: first adult to die was Mrs. Gregory Powers in 1807. Eight-year-old son of William Walker died from a rattlesnake bite.
  • MARRIAGE: John C. Singletary, to Harriet Powers, daughter of Capt. Powers.
  • SCHOOL: Starting in 1806, 15 students went to school in the former Walker cabin. A schoolhouse was built in 1810, near Stow Corners.
  • CHURCH: a small group of Presbyterians gathered in the home of Deacon Stephen Butler, from 1806. They later used the schoolhouse to meet, until they built a small frame church in 1834.
  • SAWMILL: Built in 1808 by Ezra Wyatt, near Stow Corners. There was a stream there then, which dried up some years later.
  • TAVERN: At Stow Corners about 1810, Ezra Wyatt built a "house of entertainment." It served as a stage coach stop, hotel, dance hall and restaurant for many years.

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