Doing Genealogy Online


  • African American Heritage

    Search essential historical records for African-Americans, including Federal Census, Marriage and Cohabitation Records, Military Draft and Service Records, Registers of Slaves and Free(d) Persons of Color, Freedman's Bank and more.

  • Ancestry

    Ancestry is the #1 online source for family history information, including the web's largest collection of historical records. Available only in the library.

  • Fold3

    Featuring premier collections of original military records. These records include the stories, photos and personal documents of the men and women who served in the military.

  • HeritageQuest (ProQuest)

    Geneology and ancestor database.

  • Sanborn Maps

    The Digital Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps provide a searchable interface for locating historical maps of Ohio towns and cities in the years 1867-1970.


  • Cleveland Necrology File

    The Cleveland Necrology File contains local cemetery records and newspaper death notices for the following years: 1833, 1847-1848, 1850-1975. A more complete description of the file’s contents can be found in the about section of the database. For necrology information after 1975, please use the Cleveland News Index

  • Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites

    Premiere gateway site; largest collection of genealogical links on the Web. Organized several ways for easy access.

  • Ellis Island Records

    Searchable immigration records for people entering U. S. from 1892 to 1924.

  • FamilySearch

    Searchable database of the largest genealogical collection in the world. View and print family trees of persons listed. (Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-day Saints)

  • FamilySearch

    FamilySearch offers access to 400 million genealogical sources and digital records through affiliate libraries. You will need a free FamilySearch account to search and view records.

    Available only in the library. 

  • GenForum

    Simple access to discussion forums for every state and most countries. Surname forums very useful; 100's of previous messages on view.

  • Library of Congress Map Collections

    Searchable index of maps viewable online. "Panoramic" maps of many U.S. cities are hand-drawn.

  • National Archives and Records Administration (NARA)

    The nation's largest archives is located in Washington, D.C., and has 13 Regional Archives. Mos tin formation online points to records you can see when you get there, however, there is some specific information about individuals available online.

  • RootsWeb Genealogical Data Cooperative

    All-purpose site, easy to search many databases at once. Be aware that you will be prompted to join"Ancestry," via a false search box at top of screen.

Large Libraries & Collections

National or Cultural

  • GENUKI - UK and Ireland Genealogy

    Vast site, easy to search; contains various source materials with individual names, maps and more.

  • Library and Archives Canada

    Searchable census records and indexes, plus contact information for further genealogy research in Canada. Plan a visit to Ottawa headquarters or four regional archives.

  • The Italian Genealogy Home Page

    Public forums to which you can post queries; feedback is given to help clarify your search. Databases of surnames and towns in Italy.

  • World GenWeb

    Hundreds of countries represented. "Each project website (generally) will contain local resource addresses of county/country public records offices, cemetery locations, maps, library addresses, archive addresses, and association addresses including Family History Centers or other genealogical or historical societies, and some history and culture of the region."


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