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Community Church News Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many total issues are available and what do they contain?

   There are approximately 780 issues available, published weekly over a period of fifteen years. Historic events are documented with news, drawings and photographs. Advertisements document the growth of Stow businesses. Delightful, homespun charm combines with philosophical and religious inquiry, bringing to life the hardships of World War II as it affected soldiers, families and the community.

2. How do I access the database and find historical information?

  The library provides several ways to access the information. You can use the searchable index, which lists the names of historical figures and allows a text search through all of the volumes. You can also access issues by date and number. Click links to access the relevant issue in PDF format.

3. What format are the issues in, and why don't they display in my browser?

  The issues are in PDF format. Your internet browser may already have a PDF plug-in, in which case the issue will display in the browser window. If you do not have a PDF plug-in, you can still download the issue to your computer, by right-clicking the link to the relevant issue, and selecting "Save link as ..." You will be given an option to save the issue to your hard drive in PDF format.

  Download Adobe Reader.

4. The Community Church News issue is open in my browser, but I can't find what I am looking for.

  Your internet browser may provide a search or find function from your edit or tools menu, but that only works to find text on a web page. A PDF must be searched through the PDF plug-in itself. Depending on your browser plug-in, you may see a search magnifying glass immediately above, or to the left of the newsletter PDF. If no PDF toolbar displays in your browser, you may be able to pull up the PDF search tool with keyboard shorcut Ctrl-F. Enter your search terms, and hit enter, and relevant search results will be highlighted in the issue.

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