If you have an interest in history or genealogy, you can perform a valuable service for your library. Volunteering to help visitors in the Local History Room can be as intriguing as solving a mystery -- it is rewarding to find just the right piece of information!  

In addition, as a volunteer, you will have plenty of time to pursue your own research, or just browse the collection.

We ask you to volunteer for one afternoon or evening per week, or on alternate weeks if you prefer. Computer and typing skills are a bonus, but not necessary.

Typical Tasks

  • Helping patrons find materials
  • Supervising their use of the materials
  • Typing labels and brief papers
  • Filing newspaper articles
  • Computer input
  • Sorting through boxes of records

To become a volunteer, simply call Beth Daugherty at the Library: (330) 688-3295. Training is provided.

If you own local history materials, consider donating them to the library. We seek print materials, photographs or audiocassette recordings about the first settlers, prominent families and individuals, organizations, local government and other activities of this area. Small artifacts with local background are also welcome. Reminiscences, family histories and genealogies, in print or in ged.com computer files may be donated. All materials become the sole property of the library.

Our selection Policy

"The Library will collect such materials, including works by local residents, as are necessary to preserve the history of Stow and Munroe Falls, and to a lesser extent, the surrounding areas of Summit and Portage Counties. The Library will endeavor to collect and preserve old and current materials for use in meeting the research, educational and recreational needs of its patrons. Furthermore, the Local History Archives should contain works about Ohio and Summit County that will assist patrons in putting the history of Stow and Munroe Falls in perspective."