Hunger Games trilogy, The

Collins, Suzanne
Kylee B.

Cover image Hunger Games is my favorite book so far. I have read the whole series and I loved watching Katniss fall for Peeta. Peeta loved Katniss, but Katniss had at first doubted him. She eventually starts to have feelings for Peeta, but she is confused. The first book just shows us who Katniss is. Her determination, will to live, and how she can love. The second book really showed Katniss's need for Peeta. I mean she goes to Hamitch and says that Peeta must win these next games. I think that Katniss is finally realizing that she does love Peeta. She is also confused because it seems that everyone is trying to save Peeta. This throws off Katniss and makes her second guess everything. The last book Mockingjay well that was something.