The Naturals

Barnes, Jennifer
Isaac C

Cover image What an eye catcher! I grabbed this book off the shelf (The only way to get a decent book!) hoping to get a good story and by golly I got more than I anticipated. The story in general was great with its mysterious plot and its not the norm characters. I have to say they said it was like Criminal Minds but it was way way better reading (as books usually are). I would not suggest this book unless 15 years old but even that's a stretch. Its picture-like words are very graphic and yes very precise on its ideas on the killer. So for me I wouldn't even let my sister touch it for its colorful sense of violence, but hey its a MURDER right! So I think my three words for this book would be:  eerie--exemplary--and  humor. It has alot of that in this book. Happy Reading! The storyteller