Rainfield, C. A.
Rowan Kramer

Cover image Kendra knows she's being watched, and she knows it's the man that sexually abused her in her own house from the age of six until the age of twelve. Now at the age of fifteen she thinks the only way to cope is to cut herself, and it gets worse when she finds out she's gay. The story (Scars by C.A. Rainfield) is a true horror, but so realistic you feel like you are Kendra. This book makes you question yourself on how you would react to such a tragedy if it had happened to you and how you would cope with all the bitterness from the abuse. Later Kendra finds out that it was her father that had sexually abused her all those times and realizes that she did know who had done it all along, but had never wanted to accept it. Finally, Kendra accepts what has happened and Kendra's mother accepts Kendra for who she really is.