Warrior Heir (The)

Chima, Cinda Williams
Ricky T.

Recently, I read a book called The Warrior Heir. This book takes place in modern times. It is about wizards in modern times. They are divided into Guilds, and are constantly fighting for control over all the Guilds. However, there is a rule that the Guilds cannot directly fight each other. They have to choose their champions to fight in the Arena. This is where the Warrior Guild comes in. The Warrior Guild is almost extinct. They are the only Guild that is allowed to fight. They are selected by the other guilds to represent them in the Arena. Thousands of years of righting has almost wiped them out. Hoever, Sam, from Trinity, Ohio, is a warrior. He has been kept under wraps for 16 years by taking Weirsbane, a magic suppressant. Sam starts finding out about wizards when he forgets to take his medicine one day. His powers activate, and he causes an accident at school. This attracts the wizards, and they come to investigate. Their scout also is altered, and things start happening. Sam goes on a trip with his aunt, but little does he know, it is actually a quest. You'll have to read the book to see what happens!