Sheila Wy

Sheila Wy

Exhibiting: October, 2017

Artist Information:

Local Ohio artist Sheila Wy is best known for her work with alcohol ink and creative cardmaking. Much of her Alcohol Ink paintings were created by “straw blowing” ink, while at other times they are actually created by lighting the inks on fire! She says that working with Alcohol Inks in this manner is like the box of chocolate saying in the movie Forrest Gump: “you never know what you’re going to get.” She states that “Sometimes the most beautiful things appear from nothing at all!”

This theme of “creating something from nothing” has been her inspiration behind all of her artistic endeavors. Sheila is currently working on an online project called MooGoo Melange where she will feature tutorials that will include alcohol ink, creative cardmaking, paper crafting, and mixed media art projects from beginner through advanced. She is the stateside administrator of the Facebook group “Alcohol Inks on Tile, Yupo, Canvas etc.”

Sheila offers classes locally in alcohol ink and creative cardmaking that uses a process that simplifies many techniques making it possible for anyone, regardless of skill level or age, to achieve professional results.  For more information, contact Sheila at:, and on Facebook and Instagram: @MooGooMelange