Story Time at Home

Story Time at Home

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2020 Story Time

M is for Monkey

Miss Amy has fun and funny songs and stories all about monkeys.

Stories include: "Count the Monkeys" by Mac Barnett and Kevin Cornell, and "Monkey Face," inspired by the book "Bread and Honey" by Frank Asch

Songs and rhymes include: "Making Alphabet Soup," and "Five Little Monkeys"


Do you love vegetables as much as Miss Amanda?

Stories include: "Goodnight, Veggies" by Diana Murray and Zachariah OHora, "That's My Carrot" by Il Sung Na, and "The Great, Big, Enormous Turnip" told as a puppet story

Songs and rhymes include: "The Soup is Boiling Up"

Short Story: I Ain't Gonna Paint No More

Don't try this at home! A creative little boy paints himself in "I Ain't Gonna Paint No More" by Karen Beaumont.


Where can we find water? Why do some things sink and others float? Miss Amanda has stories, songs, and activities about this important resource.

Stories include: "Swim Swim Sink" by Jenn Harney, "Hey, Water!" by Antoinette Portis, and "The Big Storm" by Nancy Tafuri and told as a puppet story

Songs and rhymes include: "Stomp Stomp, Splash Splash, Come on In"

Short Story: The Button Book

Miss Amy reads about some colorful (and funny) buttons in "The Button Book" by Sally Nicholls.

Short Story: Here We Go Digging for Dinosaur Bones

"Here We Go Digging for Dinosaur Bones" is by Susan Lendroth and illustrated by Bob Kolar. Sing along to the tune of "Here We Go 'Round the Mulberry Bush" and learn about how fossils are discovered. Miss Amanda also shares some fossils she has found.

Short Story: Underwear!

A rambunctious bare bear cub stalls getting ready for bed in "Underwear" by Jenn Harney.

The Outdoors

Miss Amanda has stories and songs about being outside.

Stories include: "Walk on the Wild Side" by Nicholas Oldland, "Watch Out For Wolf" by Anica Mrose Rissi and illustrated by Charles Santoso, "Let's Play in the Forest" by Claudia Rueda (told as a clothesline story), and "Big Bear Hug" by Nicholas Oldland (told as a puppet story)

Songs include: "Grr Grr Went the Big Brown Bear," and "This Little Piggy"

Short Story: Hat Tricks

What will Hattie the magician pull out of her hat? Find out when Miss Amanda reads "Hat Tricks" by Satoshi Kitamura and then retells it as a puppet story.