The Summoning

Author : Ewing, Lynne

ISBN : 1423103424

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By the author of the series THE DAUGHTERS OF THE MOON and SONS OF THE DARK.

Sudi never thought that one note could change her life; she just thought it would give her a chance at dating her longtime crush, Scott. But that note that fell out of her locker was not from Scott. Abdel was sent by the Hour Priest, a secret Egyptian society, to tell Sudi, along with Meri and Dalila, that they are all descendants of the Egyptian Pharaohs, and they have powers that only they can use to stop the Cult of Anubis. And before they know it, all three girls turn into unusual creatures: a bird, a cat, and a cobra. Their destiny has been set for them and if they still don't believe it, maybe the evil forces will help them figure it out.

Sequels: Divine One, Enchantress, The Haunting