Teen Librarian's Reviews:

Christina's books

The Warden's Daughter
really liked it
A sweet historical fiction book for middle grades, about a girl who wants a mom. She's willing to give just about any woman a chance to be her mother figure, but unfortunately the only women she knows are the inmates of the women's priso...
really liked it
This book by Newbery Award-winning author Kwame Alexander, his first YA novel, is a beautiful novel in verse about music, life, first love, and family. The main character, seventeen-year-old musician Blade Morrison, is the wealthy son of...
This Land Is Our Land: A History of American Immigration
it was amazing
Terrific look at a complicated issue in America. Each chapter introduces a new enthnic/racial group who emigrated to the United States, in roughly historical order--first the Northern Europeans (English, Germans), then eastern Europeans ...
Goodbye Stranger
really liked it
Good friendship story, about three best friends trying to navigate seventh grade with its changes and challenges. Bridget ("Bridge" to her friends) is wondering about the nature of life, because she nearly died in a bike/car accident fou...
The Great American Whatever
really liked it
This is a powerful book about grief and love and life. Sixteen year old Quinn has been depressed for six months, since the tragic death of his beloved older sister in a car accident. Quinn never leaves his house, doesn't talk to his best...