Vanishing Acts by Phillip Margolin and Ami Margolin Rome


   My family really enjoyed this book. This story is about a girl, Madison Kincaid, who has just moved into a new town. She is also going to a brand new school. When her friend Ann goes missing she becomes very worried. She feels lonely without Ann to cheer her up. When she meets a boy named Jake who likes mysteries they decide to set out on a hunt for Ann.

   But while they are hunting for Ann, a murder rumor is going around, but the rumor is not just for anyone; it is for her second grade teacher, Ruth Shelby. It is said that her husband Mark Shelby killed her in the kitchen. Their neighbor Thelma Bauer said she heard an argument go on in the kitchen, and then glass shattered. Thelma had raced to her window and watched the driveway.  Mrs. Bauer said she saw Mr. Shelby come out of the house with a body in his hands, put it in the trunk of his car and drive away at top speed.

   Madison and Jake are determined to discover what is behind the cause of all this trouble. Madison's mom has been dead for a while and her dad doesn't pay much attention to Madison. Madison's dad is also a lawyer which means he is working on this case. Madison wants to prove to her dad that she is not a baby anymore and can solve cases by herself. But will she be able to solve two cases at once? And even more importantly, where is her friend Ann, and is Ruth Shelby dead or alive? This story will keep you gripped to the end.

  -  The Iverson Family