New Study Pods Donated by Carl Farinacci

Lyndsey Brennan
May 3, 2022

Five people standing in front of the study pods
Mayor John Pribonic, Library Director Gale Koritansky, Carl Farinacci, Library Board Secretary David Renninger, and Library Board President Thomas Shubert at the May 3, 2022 ribbon cutting.

Seventy five years ago, Carl Farinacci’s Aunt Margaret moved into a home on Darrow Road—“when it was still chips and tar, two lanes with no cars” — across the street from the library.

Some of his earliest memories are of Margaret, ever the avid reader, striding across the street in the 1940s “with armloads of books,” a practice she continued until her death in 2006.

Even though Carl didn’t grow up in Stow, he has been “in and out of the library” with his four cousins since childhood and has a strong connection to it.

In 2014, Carl donated money to renovate a quiet study room in Margaret’s memory — which he said she would have loved seeing in use. Now, he’s donated again to buy two individual study pods. We thanked Carl for his donation by hosting a ribbon cutting ceremony.

The pods are about the size of a phone booth, are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and are perfect for independent study or Zoom calls.

“Aunt Margaret never gave up on this library ‘til the day she died — so I’m glad to be able to help the library get what it needs.”