Kindergarten Readiness

You can prepare your 4- or 5-year-old child for kindergarten success by practicing the necessary skills at home, and Spike’s Place is here to help. We have an entire academic year's-worth of activities archived below. Kits are no longer available, but worksheets and instructions are available to download. These activities will help your child practice skills recommended by the Stow-Munroe Falls City School District.

This program is sponsored by the Friends of the Library.

Worksheets and Activities

Do a Kindergarten Readiness Session at Home

Opening Song: Can't Wait to Celebrate, by Jim Gill

Have fun following along with the actions of the song! Beginning learning sessions with the same song each time helps children learn to anticipate what happens next and builds confidence.

Activity 1

Help your child complete the activity in the packet you downloaded (see the buttons above).

Need help? Watch these tips from Miss Evie:

Finger Play Song: One From the Left, by Jim Gill

Finger play songs help your child develop fine motor skills.

Activity 2

Help your child complete one of the the worksheets included in the packet you downloaded (see the buttons above).

Story Time

Choose a book (or two, or more) at home to read aloud, or watch a Spike's Place Story Time at Home video with your child.

Make Your Own Music and Get Active!

Use items you can find around the house to keep rhythm or make musical sounds, and then join in with Laurie Berkner. Then, practice following directions with this Brainbreak Dance by Mark D. Pencil.

Activity 3

Do the rest of the worksheets included in the packet you downloaded. This is the time to help your child learn to use the correct hand position for holding a writing tool. Need some tips? Watch this video:

Closing Song: Drivin' in My Car by Ralph's World

Time to say goodbye! Let's drive away from learning time with one of our favorite songs.

Additional Links and Information

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